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Rx Data Collection & Reporting

BABD Data Services LLC is a Reporting Entity providing plan sponsors an affordable, reliable, client-friendly solution for satisfying annual pharmacy and claims reporting obligations created by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. This new employer obligation is referred to as RxDC or Section 204 reporting. 


Even though the first filing deadline has passed, the HIOS submission portal remains open. The next filing season begins mid-April with reporting due on or before June 1.

Our Services

Our Services

BABD Data Services works with employers, brokers, TPAs and PBMs to gather and submit the required data for RxDC reporting. We provide great customer service, keep it simple for the employer and broker, give piece of mind by providing submission confirmation, and offer data analytics for those that want to see how transparent things really are.

RxDC Reporting

Section 204 requires group health plans to submit information about prescription drugs and health care spending. BABD Data Services LLC collects and submits the required data on the employer's behalf. We offer D1, D1-D2, and D1-D8 reporting, all including the P2 & Narrative Response. 

Transparency Report

Compliance is a shared concern. Because the liability falls on the employer, BABD Data Services provides submission confirmations to all our clients. Our clients can also receive an export of their plan-specific data files. This allows fiduciary oversight and fosters true transparency.

Expense Recovery Report

Get granular! Data means nothing if you can't see it or understand it. BABD Data Services provides data analytics and claims auditing giving your power, leverage, and potential cost recoupment.

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What information does BABD Data Services submit?

Every submission includes a Plan List (P2), 8 total Data Files, and a Narrative Response.

BABD Data Services can be the sole Reporting Entity submitting all information on behalf of the plan sponsor or it can be a Reporting Entity submitting on a limited scope.  

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